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Author: CIO


How To Bring African Data Home

Chances are your data is somewhere in a galaxy far, far away. But not for long. Not with African Data Centres’intention to bring African data to Africa. This is important because as consumers of Facebook, Google, Microsoft and all the big boys in technology, we…


Microsoft Weighs In As Sponsor For Fast Approaching CSS

While the analysis around cloud computing and the security implications are understandable, today’s reality is that—when implemented correctly—cloud computing security is just as reliable as traditional on-premise IT. To fully understand cloud computing security, firstly we need to ask, what does cloud mean? Cloud computing is the delivery…


Entrust Identity Climbs Aboard The CSS Sponsorship Train

Cloud computing has garnered massive attention over the past decades because of continuously increasing demands. There are several advantages to organizations moving toward cloud-based data storage solutions. These include simplified IT infrastructure and management, remote access from effectively anywhere in the world with a stable…

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